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    VIDEO: Baby was Dazzled- See What Happened

       (ALL BABY) .- A baby was dazzled by the majesty of the Christmas decorations of a department store and his tender reaction has gone viral. This little boy was speechless when he arrived with his parents to the Christmas area on display and the beautiful moment was captured on video, said the website Sin […]

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    How to lose weight during breastfeeding

     Losing the weight gained during pregnancy can be difficult, but you will do it faster if you breastfeed your baby . If you choose to do so, you have to keep in mind that everything you eat or drink can affect your little one, so you should follow a balanced diet throughout breastfeeding . While […]

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    Sunglasses According to Your Face Type

    Sunglasses are an accessory that, whether we like it or not, have an important role in our style. In addition, they are an effective protective weapon against the damage that sun exposure can cause. Reasons enough not to leave home without using them. To make sure you make the best decision when buying them, it […]

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    VIDEO: She Got Pregnant Again while Awaiting Baby of Another Couple

    A woman became pregnant with her partner while she was pregnant with another couple’s baby, but how can this happen? It all started when she became a surrogate mother and discovered that she was pregnant with two babies, but it was not expected that one was actually her biological child, reported ABC 7. For Jessica […]

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    See The Best Signs to Detect Breast Cancer at Home

    Recognising the signs of breast cancer is simpler than you thought, because just a simple check at home can save your life. Breast self-examination is aimed at finding changes or lumps in the breast tissue and is essential for the early detection of a possible cancer. You have to know that from the age of […]

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