What an exciting experience when you are getting ready to have your baby,  You can’t wait for your little one to join the family, nothing can be more thrilling than that. With all those excitement, most  probably, questions and concerns must definitely arise at the back of your mind about how the whole birthing process could be

Here are 10 things to know before your little baby makes her final debut

1. Most women won’t deliver on their due date

According to some medical studies, only about 5 percent of babies are delivered on their given due date. Due date is just an estimated figure. No matter how precise you or your doctor may be in calculating the due date, no one actually knows when exactly the baby will show up.

I know it gets tiring when you get to your due date and the baby is not coming forth, don’t just panicking, be patient. Although the anticipation can be depressing, just know  your little one will come when the time is right, and when your bundle of joy finally shows up, you will see that the waiting was worth it.

2. Your baby’s head might look a little Unusual at initial debut


Don’t be scared  as you meet your baby for the first time and noticed the unusual cone-shaped head. It is 100% normal!

Shelov explains….”he says that because of the tightness of the birth canal which exerts pressure on the baby head as she is passing  through the birth canal and that’s what gives the baby the cone head shape which will adjust after some days.”

3. Your water can break more than once

Water breaking is a totally different experience for everyone, but, every woman some has her unique experience, some women say ,they either experience a sensation of wetness in their vagina or a huge gush of water, or a slow trickle.

One mom said, “It felt like a 10 litre bucket of water had spilled out, more water came gushing out.”in another contraction.

Another mom said, “I seriously thought I had wet my pants. I went to the bathroom three times and changed my clothes before realizing that I wasn’t suffering from pregnancy incontinence.”

Another mom said ” my water broke on its own 2 weeks before my due date. And in some cases, labor can start before your water breaks, as one mom said , “the doctor gets to  breaks it for me, and this hastens the process”.

4. bleeding won’t stop after birth

According to webmd,  “Your body will change during the days and weeks after delivery as it returns to its nonpregnant condition. While most women move through the postpartum period without serious health problems, some women may have vaginal bleeding that lasts longer than normal or is heavier than normal.”

After this initial heavy bleeding, you might still continually experience spotting and light bleeding, which will definitely  get better as the days goes by. Some women can experience this for as much as a week or two,or even less, and it can lasts for up to six weeks for some.

5. Make a birth plan but be flexible.


There are so many options to consider when having a baby.  There is the epidural natural birth, C-section or the induction method depending on what your doctor might decide is necessary for the safety of you and your  baby. Just be willing to switch things up as birthing process is quite erratic.

Some public hospitals in Nigeria won’t allow anyone in the room, because of other women privacy since its a general labour ward,   so you need to inquire all those details from your doctor. Just make sure you give room for adjustments.

6. You might throw up and you’ll probably go to the bathroom during labor

Most women do throw up when they’re in labor, and frequently visiting the bathroom is so common especially at the peak of labour, some women do unknowingly poo while pushing,  the simple reason is that the same muscle that get engaged during a bowel movement is the same that is used during pushing a baby, OB/GYN Shieva Ghofrany said, “The only time I bring up pooping, ever, is when women start to push … I tell them, ‘if you poop, you’re doing the right thing!'”

7.  Eating isn’t usually allowed

Everywhere is different, but a lot of time, women are not allowed to eat while they’re in labor. The biggest reason for this is explained by Shieva Ghofrany to Huffington Post. She says, “That policy usually exists because of the possibility of a cesarean section: If you’re under general anesthesia, doctors don’t want you to aspirate, or get food in your airways.” Although baby Center is of contrary opinion but food will probably be the last thing on your mind when you’re about to birth the newest addition to your family.

8. The days becomes so slow

Birth is obviously tiring. Especially when you get to the due date and the baby is not forthcoming, at this point counting each hour becomes your daily schedules.

Coupled with the sleepless final nights of pregnancy, the physical toll of birthing a child and caring for the child 24/7 when you take him or her home, it’s exhausting to even think about.

Be prepared for this, and take any sleep you can get while you’re still pregnant. After your little one comes, you won’t be getting much of it. But, you wouldn’t trade those sleepless nights for the world.

9. Breastfeeding can be challenging at first

Many women think once the little one is out,  every other things comes easier. While this is true for some women, for others the strory is quite different. The fact is that,  Breastfeeding after childbirth contracts the uterus as it makes its way back to its normal size, and some women experience abdorminal pain and discomfort. Some even develop soreness of the nipple as the baby is trying to figure it out, so be patient, and don’t think there’s something wrong when you don’t get it right away.

10. No two birth are thesame

The most important thing to remember is that all birth are different, the Birth process of mom A,  is totally different from that of mom B,  no two birth  are ever the exact same. Each one comes with its own set of experience and challenges, and each one is beautiful in its own unique ways.

While you can use this article as a guideline, make sure you contact your midwife, doctor or nurses with any questions or concerns you have about your pregnancy.


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Updated: October 2, 2017 — 1:14 am


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