4year-old Girl Dies After Drowning with ‘Fidget Spinner’


A four-year-old girl was suffocated by a piece of plastic that came off the Fidget Spinner with which she played at her home in Mexico last Thursday.

Mexican authorities confirmed that Eva Victoria Herrera Palacios died of suffocation due to foreign body tracheal obstruction, according to the results of the autopsy.

His mother, when noticing signs of drowning, went to the social insurance clinic that night, where little Eva entered without any vital signs, newspaper La Prensa de Monclova reported.

The doctors suspected that the cause could have been a piece of the toy, since he had it between their teeth but they could not confirm it, because they still did not have the result of the autopsy.

The doctors suspected a bronchoaspiration, although the family pointed out that a piece of the fashionable toy could have caused the death, because they assert that she was a healthy child, according to the site Vanguardia.

Doctors and family members were unaware of the reason for the death, but later authorities confirmed that the girl died of suffocation with a piece of Fidget Spinner. 

Parents are adviced to observe caution and be more careful with what children are allowed to play with,  most especially when they are in their toddler stage. Is always advicable to have one or 2 adults looking out on this toddlers while they play.

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Updated: October 2, 2017 — 9:04 am


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  1. RIP Dear, such a poty

  2. Such a pity!!this is an eye opener for all parents

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