6 Free and Effective Tools to Promote Your Home-Based Business

Social networks are the best ally for moms who want to start a home-based business. Many years ago there was only advertising in the traditional media and it was very expensive for the someone who was starting to work on his own. However, today the digital world offers many opportunities to grow a microenterprise.

Many moms go out to become entrepreneurs to collaborate with the family economy while they dedicate themselves fully to the children and to the home. Businesses such as network marketing , the sale of self-made products, professional services or digital products are some of the trends that mompreneurs prefer.

Social networks provide effective tools to promote these businesses and get ahead on their own, on a limited budget or even for free. The following strategies will help you achieve excellent results:


# 1 – Create a blog

he blog or virtual blog is a platform that allows you to create content related to your business or service and in turn share it on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn.


To create your free blog you can use the platforms of Blogger or WordPress but the address of your blog or URL will have the name of the platform in it, as (www.tublog.blogspot.com or www.tublog.wordpress.com).  But if you want to have your own domain (for which the URL is www.tublog.com – it is much more recommended) you can learn it with this tutorial to start a blog step by step that I wrote a few weeks ago. Two companies I have used for years are  HostGator  and Namecheap for blog hosting.

Your blog can be the home page of your business from home without the need to invest money or using a minimum budget.


# 2 – Organize events to promote your workshops and talks

Using the blog or your profiles in social networks, you can promote the holding of workshops and face-to-face talks where you expose your products or offer your services. Some social networks provide the event creation tool where you can invite your contacts to mark their attendance and share it with other possible attendees. You must clearly include the date, time, place and contact person.


In this way, in addition to the fact that in many types of business it is very beneficial to have a direct contact and in person with the clients, the contacts of the people who will attend the event who will find out about your business and what you do.


3 – Create a list of emails

With something as simple as sending an email you can achieve sales or make important approaches for your business. You do not have to have a great list. Start with the contacts you have and you are gradually enlarging your directory. A good strategy to increase the list, is to take the emails of the participants of your workshops face-to-face. You can also place a subscription form directly on your blog. Try to use reliable email services and make your user name professional and easy to read, in tune with your business. Write the information clearly and accurately and only send the necessary messages.


# 4 – Make Live Videos

Making a live video has a lot of hitch and visibility. One of the most used and effective platforms available at the moment are Periscope and Facebook Live. Being the live interaction you could get good results and publicize your business. The advantage of these videos is that they remain in your account if you wish and you can share it in the future. You can ask your contacts to help you with this task and you will expand your list of prospects. If you’re not used to making live videos, practice first in front of the mirror. You can also prepare a script or make a list of bullets that serve as reference.


#5 – Instagram marketing

In recent times Instagram has proved to be a real force in the social media world.

With over 500 million monthly active users.  Many brands spend substantial amount of their social media budget just to gain more customers and leads from Instagram

So, this is the best opportunity to use Instagram as a good tool to promote that business by cashing in on the growing popularity of Instagram.

If you are ready to put in the time and efforts, you can definitely grow your Instagram account to a level which can fetch you serious money online.


#6 – Use Facebook ads

What means today gives you the opportunity to expand your audience to hundreds or even thousands of people with just $ 10 or $ 20 dollars? Facebook has a service called Facebook ads in which with some simple steps you can promote your page, event or service and increase your potential customers. Look for a way to use clear and simple language, but at the same time attract attention and generate profits. This is one of the tools most used today by business moms.

If you use these strategies correctly you will get very good results. Remember to establish communication and follow-up links with these potential clients, so that they can come back to you.


Do you have your own business from home? Comment here and tell us how we can support you.

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Updated: October 11, 2017 — 6:56 am

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