8 tips to make moms feel easier

I don’t consider myself, an expert at all,  in maternity, but I think that between mothers we understand and we like to understand that we are not alone in this day to day of madness and sanity.

I believe that every mother is unique and that each child is unique and therefore it is worth trying and experimenting until each one of us finds what is good for us to lead our children.

However, receiving and listening to advice from our mothers, girlfriends, co-workers, cousins, aunts, “cultural attaches” and other women (or even men) who try to give us their best advice on a particular issue, help … Some, at least, a little, no?

My #little boos are still very young, I have 6, almost 3 and this third is already present, constant and sound. I’m sure I’m missing a lot, sooooo much to learn, but still I wouldn’t want to stop giving you my 9 tips to help us on this path of being moms and educating our children. And why not, be a little happier?

8 Tips to make Mom feel easier

1.Let your child fall, fail, and become frustrated.

Let them get dirty and from time to time things are not so easy. With this, I am sure they will be making skills for the future.


Child falling off the bike

Sometimes you have to fall to learn how to get up.

2. Follow these steps to do homework.

One: Do the hardest first.


Two: Leave your phone away. Far away.


3. Pay attention when you are with them.

Memorize the term: HESC. I swear, my children do not fail. When they do a tantrum, it is usually for Hunger, Stimulation, Feeling Alone, Tiredness. All tantrums have an explanation and a solution.

4. Plan things of kindness and generosity. 

It is important for children to know that it is very good to help others. Inculcate that they help their friends, and neighbors to remove the garbage, etc.

Teach them to do social work.

5. Let them observe bed time Routine

Put them to sleep at a good time.

Always and Forever. This was taught to me by the owner of the “quinces” through the “Rules of Dad” and I can not be more grateful. Everything is well arranged for mothers when your child can observe good bedtime routine. Children live by the habits we inculcate in them, take advantage of the day in general and then, have no trouble returning to sleep at night. Of course it carries sacrifices, but it is worth, especially for the children. They must have learnt that the later they go to bed, the more trouble they have to sleep? Zzzz …


6. Encourage them to read

Always read with them.

Mothers should encourage our children to read whatever they want. At first, you can suggest the kind of books to read; but then let them choose what they want, no matter if it is a novel or something of history, the important thing is that they have the habit of reading.

7. Teach them to overcome their fears

He counteracts his fears with common sense. Mothers,  if your children are afraid of dogs, then when you see a puppy, get excited and say: A puppy, how cute! Ask the owner if they can pet him and invite your children to pet him. If they fall and scratch, try to say: “Do not worry, the pain will pass”; instead of: “Yes! I know it hurts! “Help them overcome their fears


8. If you want them to speak softly, speak to them quietly

Mom talking to child

While talking with your Children, always lower volume of your voice. The other day I did the experiment to start talking softly to my kids and I saw how easy it was to relate more with them than I shout at them for everything.

9. Enjoy being with them and give yourself time for yourself too.


Moreover, Mothers The first person that needs to be happy is you. Trust me. I’m sure no one benefits from having tired and stressed parents who do not give themselves time to have fun, eat well and / or sleep well. Life is  better living it with quality than  quantity. I can not agree more. Give yourself time. Whenever you can.

Do you have any other advice that could be number 10? I’m sure you do. Do not stop sharing it. I want to read to you.

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Updated: November 1, 2017 — 1:09 pm

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