9 Economical Toys That Help Stimulate Your Baby

Everyone has memories of toys we loved while playing as babies

It might be building blocks or a car set, a doll house or a piano.

Babies and toddlers don’t really need much to develop all their intelligence and cognitive skills to the fullest. Their job at this stage is to play!

When my  younger son  was about 10 months old I realized that the simplest and most mundane thing caught his attention more than anything else. He also liked things that allowed him to explore the way the world works.

For my children from the age of two, I let them use my computer about 2 or 3 times a week for about 20-30 minutes to learn to play. Our favorite website for children is ABCmouse.com (you can use it FREE for a month, or pay $ 5 for the first two months, the rest of the year costs $ 59.98). There they listen to songs, there are interactive games and also learning on how to use the computer, besides the letters and their sounds, numbers, colors, shapes and music, etc.

If you have a baby or babies,  it is important that you can play with your child with paying full attention and always feel the security that you are always going to take care of him and attend to his needs with love, that is all they need! It is also good to read, talk or tell them what you are doing, and ask questions even though you know he cannot  respond yet, but that greatly broadens their vocabulary and understanding. Also at this stage babies  favorite toy is you, Mom!


Here are some of my favorite toys that help give our babies more early stimulation through play, especially for those 9 to 15 months:


Green 60 Pcs Color Foam Blocks

This foam block is cute, especially for babies who like animals (my thought though). Point out each animal to see and show what sound the animal makes, and if they see them at the zoo or a walk they can easily remember it. As your child grows up they can talk about the color of the animal, what it eats, where it lives, etc.



I love the  Wooden 8 Tones Hand Knock Piano For Kids LITTLE BOY – Colormix Little Boy

I love this toy and I hope to buy them some day because they are the favorites of my 6 year old son at his school. These wooden piano is so lovely  because they do not make so much noise or damage when falling and is safe even if it get into the water. In addition they hardly weigh, which is perfect for babies who are learning to use the hands.


Cute bath time toy for baby

A fun toy that stimulate babies and keep them busy for a long time.

I love this toy most especially watching it flow in water is a great sight for babies. My son gets so excited whenever we put him with the bathtime toy in his his bathtub while he’s having his bath. The good thing is that it’s very cheap toy and cool too.


Hape Bucket, Sifter, Rake and Shovel

Although it seems simple; a shovel, a bowl and a spade are super attractive toys for a small child. I used this link because I found it cheaper in the store, these toy I like because they are made with non-toxic plastics and are more durable. If you can not go to the beach with your little one, you can fill a large bowl with rice and let him play like that. Of course, being careful not to put it in his mouth!


Mini Baby Doll Cell Girl With Scarf


I think it is important for children to have a doll, teddy bear or plush animal that they can care for. It is a good way to show them how to treat and show love or care for others.



Remote Control Stunt Car Toy for Children


My 13 month old baby has a similar one and he loves it. I’m still wandering why the company let it out with that amount even with the high quality  car body.  In addition, it enhances their eye coordination Fine Motor Skills Development and it’s mini feature makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor control


10Pcs Birthday Cake Dinner For Barbies


This is a great gift to your kids,  also it comes with good dollhouse Furniture for barbies.


Wooden Threading Button Up Board Games Toy For Baby Kids

This Little Fashion Designer Wooden String Clasp Threading Button Up Board Games helps stimulte Hand- eye coordination, It is a great skillful toy for Babies and toddlers. It has a safe red needle thread, five buttons and a realistic shirt board.  An awesome toy to keep your child busy, and it is a perfect  toy to enhance baby ability to distinguish colour.

This is one of my children favourite toys maybe because of it bright colour is what usually attracts  them to it (I guess) but nevertheless this is an amazing toy for all children.


Kids Educational Learning Touch Toy IPad – Multicolour

My children are so much in love with this toy although it’s specifically designed for young children of 3+ years. While using this pad I have come to see that it enhance their mental reasoning and alertness, which is helpful even in class works.

All those activities of pressing and listening also help children exercise their finger muscles. The most amazing thing about this children pad is it’s switchable feature and with this great features children can even use it in dark.

I hope you like these ideas and remember that young children do not need complicated or expensive games to learn. Sometimes it ‘s easy to feel like we could be better moms, but, cheer up!  All Your care, affections and conversation are enough. If your babies could talk I can tell you, you’re their favorite mom!

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Updated: October 31, 2017 — 8:47 am

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