A Nigerian young mom, who chose to be identified as Ada. Shares her pregnancy journey experience with her 18months old toddler.

The First Trimester is never a walk in the park, and I’ve discovered over the past few months that it’s even more difficult with a Toddler in tow…

I can’t stop being happy after I got the news of me being pregnant with our second baby,  after not stressing  to get pregnant for as long as we had expected, my husband and I were expecting  Our second baby. Contrary to what we’ve being told earlier, being of my inability to conceive again after I had my first baby, because of complicated medical history I had — severe endometriosis— I was elated to discover that I was expecting another baby . That is not what this post is all about, but I prologue with it for you to understand where I’m going to: I am highly elated and thankful to God for making it possible to be carrying our second baby.

Each day I give God thanks for all he has done for me. It was when I got into the middle of my 1st trimester for baby #2, that it became a reality that the encounter for a second pregnancy is never the same, coupled with the fact that I threw up everyday through out the pregnancy. Even though I had always envisaged how fun it will  be to have my little girl around while expecting  another one, but nobody cared to tell me what trouble I was in for . This are a few of my tow…

1. Constipation is not easy  especially when you have a little spectator.

I thought constipating in pregnancy wasn’t that bad until this time around, but now there is an 18months old I need to carry her along with it.  And, if I’m Staying  in there for too long she becomes seriously cranky and sobs. Even if  watching the TV takes his attention off me, for some minute. But when she becomes  bored again, she remembers that woman, and then starts banging on the door for me to know she’s back again and this time you can’t escape .


2. No more nap time !

My routine napping was no longer as it was with my first baby, when I doze off in my normal way I could even include “dozing by the day” as a skill on my resume. But now I’m pregnant with a toddler around, there is no such thing as dozing in my dictionary . When my daughter falls into her afternoon slumber, it’s always a race against time to put up with , cleaning , laundry, dishes and, cooking. 2hours are never enough to get everything done, but even if they were, there would still be no time for my dear nap.

3. He Wants to be lugged at all time

Lifting up a toddler and a baby bump can be quite tiring. I use to think my bump was a huge inconvenience during my first baby, but now I have an 18 month old always wanting to be held. Come to think of it,  she weighs nothing less than 13kgs, and wants me to lug her around my hip with  my extra kilos in front , l only ask and hope I will ever regain my freedom again  At this point, it’s feeling like a solid no.

4. Dealing with dirty nappies

Changing my daughter whilst suffering from morning sickness is the worst form of torture known to womankind. There’s nothing quite like,  especially a messy poo to make you feel even better!  My only good idea when this occur is to keep a bowl or bucket next to the changing mat. Just in case.

5. My  unborn child suddenly decides that tea is off the menu… 

just as my  Toddler decides that midnight raving is fun again.


6. My television viewing is different this time

She crys each time I tune in to my favorite channels and that leaves my fragile emotional state more susceptible to pregnancy tears. Captain Jack’s Christmas special, for example, is bound to make you sob… and don’t even get me started on The Snowman and the Snowdog.

Moreover in all this this hacks with my toddler Nothing quite beats the moment like the day she walked over to me and  whispers to my belly “Hello Baby – how are you?”. My heart melted  ….. Hope you enjoyed my little confession,  I will love to see yours  in the comment.




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Updated: October 7, 2017 — 7:29 am

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