How To Maintain a Good weight As a Busy Mom

Hey Mamas! let’s talk today for you busy Moms who want to maintain a good weight and stay healthy.

Eating healthy is the minimum requirement that one can seek to have a higher quality of life.

Abusing foods rich in processed fats , sodium and sugars are undoubtedly a poison to any body whether be it a child, youngster or an adult.

Including healthy eating habits on a day to day basis is easier than it looks, and living with this attitude will prevent future illnesses such as stroke, hypertension , obesity, diabetes and even cancer .

Not to mention that eating a healthy diet can be the starting point of loosing weight easily.

For those of you Moms, who like to eat a lot in all the meals of your day, whether lunch, dinner or even when it comes to snacks, you always like to eat an extra snack, even though this is not cool, we have prepared some tips that can make all the difference in the end of the month when you go up the scale.


1. Add Flavor to Your Food:


 Ginger and garlic weight loss for busy moms

Instead of using butter and oils to give a boost in your meals, try using low-calorie spices such as ginger , cumin and garlic powder, it’s great spicing with pepper flavors as well, as it speeds up the rate of metabolism in the body.

For those who like slimming seasonings use oregano, cayenne, aniseed, parsley, turmeric and cinnamon .

These spices accelerate the rate of body metabolism and it’s an ideal for weight loss and maintaining a healthy system


2. Choose only one calorie option:

Calorie food for busy moms

Calories are the main key to gaining weight and so many research has proven that too much intake of calories are the main causes of so many heart related diseases such as atherosclerosis,  hypertension,  stroke etc.

Actually, cutting calories works  and it’s best achieved when you choose the right ones, at a time and you can potentially eat less without going hungry.


3. Slow down while eating 

Eating really slow, help decrease your appetite, this is proven in research and studies, so the idea to eat slowly makes you eat at least 12% fewer calories per meal, imagine that over 30 days you lose without doing at least 1 or 2 kg if you are overweight without making any kind of effort.

So now you know that in addition to facilitating digestion and making you feel better the aroma and taste of food , eating slowly can aid in weight loss.


4. Savor your drinks: 

Busy mom, drinking to loose weight

The same way you have to eat slowly the same rule is for drinks in general. Choose something to savor slowly, not something to swallow!

You will be less likely to drink one after another and accumulate calories.

A good glass of wine or a cocktail is always a good choice for those who want to enjoy a drink.


5. Put healthy food in one place:

Sometimes many people hurriedly fly in the refrigerator to eat anything.

But if you have the habit of keeping all your healthy choices in a closet,  you’re hardly going to look for something to snack on elsewhere.


6. Mix your salad:

Salad mixing to loose weight for busy moms

Avoid eating the same salad every day for lunch or dinner.

Nutritionists say this can make your meals boring making you opt for more calorie foods because people are prone to nauseating easier than they do not like.

Maybe it’s time to risk something new from more color and varieties of food to your day-to-day salad .


7. Choose the right place to eat

It is very important that your meals are made in quiet places and mainly without hurry.

Avoid eating as much as you can on television, or even on the computer and working. In these situations, it will be hard to track the quantity of food been consumed. It is believed that we always tend to eat more in these situations.

Finally, Mamas always find out time to rest and relax,  Also don’t forget to incorporate a little physical excercise in those busy tight schedule.



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Updated: October 25, 2017 — 9:10 pm


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