How to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling

Sometimes your child may not be prepared for the arrival of a new baby sibling because he or she does not have enough intellectual maturity to understand this novel event in their life. That is the reason your child may become Jealous when his parents are paying more attention to another baby. After the arrival of your new baby, your other child may miss you and and start feeling that all the attention is being diverted on his new little sibling    it is likely your older child may develop some unusual behaviors in order to get your attention. such as ; becoming cranky, intentionally not using the bathroom or attacking the new born, among others, all this is to attract mom and dad attention .

To avoid these behaviors, the psychologist Liliana De la Torre recommends that during the pregnancy you talk to your child about his new brother. According to Torre’s psychologist, who is currently a school psychologist in South Florida, USA, for an older child the arrival of a new baby brother is a very complex fact, and says that “if you talk to your older son about the new baby brother and his arrival, you will help the child to accept the idea of ​​sharing their parents with someone else and when the new baby is born, it is likely that the older brother becomes proud of his new brother. In the case of Maria C. Oliveros, the advice given by the Torre’s psychologist worked. María is a mother of two children, she started talking with her son Camilo about her pregnancy and explaining that after some time there was going to be someone else in the family.

At first he did not understand much, but when his father talked to his mother’s womb and told him that his new brother was there, Camilo also started to do the same and when he did he called the new baby by his name, Sofia . “We still did not know that the baby was going to be a girl, but it was,” said Maria. Here are some suggestions that the psychologist Liliana de la Torre gave us, so you can help your child assimilate the arrival of a new little brother :

Tips to help a child adjust to the arrival of a little brother

Talk about the new baby during pregnancy.

During the several months of awaiting the arrival of the baby, it’s advicable to talk with your child about the new baby, involve him in all the preparation you are making towards the arrival of the newborn. He won’t want you talk about the baby all the time, but continue to bring up the baby discussions and clear his curiosity as they arise. He may ask you what the baby some baby questions  like, what is the baby doing in there. Can he drink or eat?” Or he may ask how will it come out: “Baby out”? Also encourage the older child to talk to the new baby in your womb.

Invite your child to feel the baby kicking.

once the newborn baby movements  becomes visible enough, you can encourage him to feel the baby movements and sing for the baby.

Surround him with little babies

It’s great if you can make out time and relax with other families with little one, so he can start getting used to seeing his parents hold other babies, being around babies will also raise his anticipations and avail him the chance of seeing what younger babies look like and start developing  his own ways to interact with his baby sibling.

Let him see what the baby may look like

Invite him to watch the ultrasound video of  little growing baby.  When you go for antenantal classes,  sometimes take him along and allow him to see all the movement his little baby is making in there, even though it might sound confusing but definitely it will help him.

Let him visit you at the clinic after birth.

Give him a chance to visit after birth and don’t forget to inform him when you start noticing the contraction baby arrival signs. it gives him the feeling of knowing that really mom  popped out this little one at this hospital, and it kind of passes a frequent reminder whenever he visits same clinic or sort of. It psychological places his mind that the baby didn’t just surface but he was brought out from mummy tummy in this clinic,  this awareness will make him accept the newborn better.

Spend time with him

Don’t be carried away in the baby’s affair,  always try and dedicate some quality time with your older child with including physical contacts such ad hugs and kisses, it will clear his doubt about the little baby  taken mommy away from him.

Occupy him with activities 

Let  grandparents or family friend take the child to the movies, to eat ice cream, or to do some kind of activity.

Tell a story to your older child while giving your newborn baby a feeding. Let your older child participate in the conversations about the subject of the new little brother.

Develop activities that involve your older child with the new baby, in which your older child has more contact with your new baby brother.

Give more attention than usual to your older child so he does not feel displaced and finally let him learn to hugg and kiss the new baby,  I hope this tips helps.

Kindly put down your comment if you have other tips that helped you

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Updated: November 12, 2017 — 7:05 pm

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