For many children, music is a very strong motivator and a passionate endeavor. During the Greek times, music was used for communication, healing and enjoyment and relaxation. Before we are born, we are tuned to the music of our mothers heartbeat and during early childhood, we are relaxed by the sound of the lullaby. Daily we hear different forms of musical rhythm or pitch. Music is found in nature like the chirping of birds, splashing of waves, swaying of leaves and more. 

Music is a very powerful force. It stirs deep feelings in all individuals. Music is used at weddings to emphasize happiness and in war movies to express fear.

Children listening to music show an increase in self-esteem, communication, attitude, creative thinking and discipline. Music leads to increased imagination and study skills. Children are very receptive to rhythm and pitch. Music is one of the most important methods for children to learn how to communicate. Music is very important to all children.

A lot of studies and researches has been conducted on the real effects of music on children. Scientists state that children who play musical instruments and are exposed to music are generally significantly more active at school compared to children not exposed to music. Recent studies confirm that exposure to music will benefit a child’s IQ. Also reading age and the development of the brain can be improved by exposure to music.

Studies have also shown that a child’s intelligence is also enhanced through music instruction and tuition. It is said to help children visualize and think of solutions. It also helps them to find solutions to different problems productively and is important for mathematics subjects and other important tasks.

Just think of the great importance of music to your kids everyday lives. It is better to let them listen to music than letting them play outside and doing irrelevant things. Through music, they can express their wants and needs and what they want to say. When some kids get bored they listen to music. It is a way to brighten up their spirit and let go of idle thoughts.

The above is why music is considered a major subject in many schools. Despite being classed as an art, music is also a great hobby, in fact a very healthy hobby. But because of the many unsuitable types of music out today, it is vital that parents help guide choosing the music that children will listen to.

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Updated: September 19, 2017 — 7:15 pm

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